The Life and Art of an Outsider
A Web Documentary by Ann Megalla

"ART found me in a strange way."

Part 1 The Screw

“The screw is the story of my life. My first shock. My first memory.”


Part 2 The Outsider Moves In

“Coming to Beirut was like coming to Disneyland but War Disneyland”


Part 3 A Raw Creation

“I didn’t want to be in a safe environment, and playing it safe.”

Part 4 Drinking From A Broken Glass

“I don’t have a drinking problem ‘cept when I can’t get a drink” -Tom Waits

Part 5 Get Me Out Of Me

“My art is all selfish. I use it as my therapy”

Majzoub has emerged as a herald from the midst of this war and post-war generation

Joseph Tarrab, Art Historian

Majzoub’s work presents a compelling commentary on the relationship of painter to public and public to world

Kirsten Scheid, Associate Professor of Anthropology, American University of Beirut.

The most thrilling characteristic of Majzoub’s art is without a doubt his ability to destabilize the viewer, transforming the visit to the gallery into a troubling sensorial experience.

Agail Gallery

Majzoub’s “outsider’s philosophy” challenges our preconceived ideas about the “deep play” between life and death, but also about the people’s passion to follow their creative impulses and, despite everything, to realize themselves through visual arts as exemplary human beings.

Marko Stamenkovic, Curator & Art Historian

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Directed, Written, Produced by

  • Ann Megalla

Cinematography & Photography

  • Ann Megalla


  • Dei El-Ayoubi

Image Archive Courtesy of

  • Agail Gallery
  • Plan BEY Gallery
  • Jacaranda Gallery
  • Dei El-Ayoubi
  • Gilbert Hage
  • Alex Hofford
  • David Hury
  • Rasha Kahil
  • Samer Karam
  • Boris Kester
  • Rafik Majzoub

Film Archive

  • ‘Delete’ by Moe Shreif
  • Damaskus (Syrien 1980)
  • Jordan 1980
  • Pity the Nation Charles Glass’s Lebanon 1989
  • Amman - Jordanie _ Jordan _ الأردن) in 1991
  • Sammy Clark - oumi ta nor2os سامي كلارك - قومي تنرقص
  • Walid Tawfik - Happy birthday to you

Original Music Score

  • Abed K.

    SoundCloud Sound Tracks

  • Ala allahvoix douchka master. Lebanese Underground
  • Disorder. Sunday Market District ID
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  • Sonar Sky. Pipekun

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  • Ann Megalla

Sound Design & Mix

  • Dirk Terrill

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  • Ann Megalla

Curated by

  • Rafik Majzoub
  • Ann Megalla

Additional Text

  • Joseph Tarrab - ArtEast
  • Kirsten Scheid - ArtEast
  • Nayla Rached - L’Hebdo Magazine

Special Thanks to

  • Carol Mansour